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The Briefing

Tests of life long care may become a benchmark against which PPO cases are considered

by Aiken PR


Insurance risk and commercial law specialist BLM, has this week welcomed representatives from some of Ireland’s leading insurers to a briefing in Dublin from Ian Sinho, the firm’s Technical Consultant. Ian presented his expert views on Periodic Payment Orders (PPOs) in Ireland.

Drawing on his experience of PPOs in the UK, Ian discussed the impact on insurers of their arrival, the new provisions contained in the Civil Liability Act and the Rules of the Superior Court (Personal Injuries: Periodic Payment Order) 2018.

Significantly the identification of cases which may be subject to PPOs start from a different position in Ireland and therefore, the tests of life long care and assistance in respect of all activities of daily living may become a benchmark against which cases are considered. In Ireland a specific definition of Catastrophic Injury also defines the scope of the cases in which PPOs arise, which separates the way the two jurisdictions treat such claims.

Commenting, Gavin Campbell partner and head of Dublin office said:

“Ian brings over 35 years’ experience in insurance claims handling, investigation and management and we are delighted to be able to welcome him to Dublin. Ian’s insights and his particular expertise in advising on technical policy, strategy and governance, ensured attendees where furnished with the best available advice and provided clarity about the differences between PPO provisions in the UK and Ireland.”

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