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Diversity is driving force behind success of law firm in Dublin

by BLM


BLM Diversity


Embracing diversity continues to be the focus for commercial and insurance law specialists BLM who has seen its resilient and diverse firm grow, with new appointments at leadership level, and notable workstreams boding well for 2021.

The firm has made appointments, including a new, all–female leadership team with Olivia Treston and Sinead Connolly steering BLM through the unchartered waters of 2020.  Both Olivia and Sinead have been with the firm for more than seven years, coming through the ranks as commercial Solicitors and Associates before being appointed as joint Heads of Office. 

What sets BLM apart from other law firms is its strong commitment to diversity and inclusion at every level of the business.  As part of the wider global business, in 2020 BLM was ranked in a list of Top 50 UK employers for inclusiveness, a definitive list of UK based organisations that promote inclusion at every level of employment within their organisation.  The list represents those companies which promote all strands of diversity including age, disability, gender, LGBT, race, faith and religion.This ethos is somethingthat characterises the approach of the firm’s Dublin office.

BLM is committed to developing, maintaining, and supporting a culture of equality, diversity and inclusion for its workforce, and this is represented in its approach to employment. It seeks to sustain a working, learning and social environment in which all its people can achieve their potential and are valued, recognised, supported and celebrated.

Sinead Connolly from BLM commented:

“Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is really important to BLM as a UK and Ireland firm and is a regular topic in Board meetings to ensure all partners are championing this at a local level.We are no different in the Dublin office and our colleagues are testament to this. We believe that through diversity, we get a rich contribution of ideas to support our strive for innovation and advanced thinking.

We like to employ people from diverse backgrounds and are committed to inspiring our people to learn and develop their career at BLM. It remains important to us that we create an environment that inspires colleagues as well as supporting a more diverse workforce.

“BLM in Dublin is made up of dynamic local solicitors with in–depth experience and knowledge of their practice areas.  We have the added benefit of access to an impressive pool of expertise and knowledge throughout our extensive network of offices in the UK and in Ireland, as well as through our global network of independent insurance law firms, Global Insurance Law Connect.

Our key areas of focus in this unprecedented year have been to maintain and service our client base to the highest standard along with developing any opportunities to grow our business, with a clear focus on technology and fast becoming a ‘digital first’ business.”

Looking towards future growth, BLM is excited about upcoming opportunities within health practice areas including; Casualty, Professional Indemnity and Clinical Negligence.

The business will deliver continued attention to eradicating fraudulent and exaggeration claims through its talented fraud team, and will also maintain efforts to drive down the overall indemnity spend for clients through savings made by BLM’;s costs team.

Olivia Treston commented:

“Whilst we appreciate that unprecedented challenges will unpin our work in the first quarter of 2021 and beyond, we are optimistic about what the future holds.  We have ambitious plans within health, fraud and indemnity, and feel we are well positioned to further grow, not just our Ireland offering, but the wider firm in the next twelve months.”