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Huawei’s 23–inch MateView SE Monitor Lands in Ireland

by Aiken PR



Huawei has launched a new monitor featuring eye protection and wide colour gamut – the HUAWEI MateView SE. As the latest member of Huawei’s monitor product family, the HUAWEI MateView SE offers customers even greater choice to better meet a variety of user preferences. 

The 23.8–inch monitor has obtained the TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Certification, as well as the SGS Low Visual Fatigue Certification. Alongside the P3 colour gamut screen, this level of performance provides a comfortable user experience whether in the office or while studying. User experience is further enhanced with a sleek, minimalist design and a convenient control panel.

Inheriting HUAWEI MateView’s DNA of aesthetics, innovation and intelligence, the HUAWEI MateView SE offers users a more professional and more efficient experience from their monitor. 

A large screen with 90% P3 colour gamut for stunning visuals

Monitors are a key piece of equipment for work, study or entertainment and users require a combination of size and quality from their display. HUAWEI MateView SE delivers outstanding performance and screen quality – not only does it support 1920 × 1080 Full HD screen resolution, it also supports 90% P3 colour gamut and covers 100% sRGB colour gamut.

The P3 colour gamut is the cinema industry’s recognised standard and one of the current colour standards for digital movie playback devices. P3 colour gamut covers a wider range of colours than sRGB. Since P3 supported monitors can reproduce more accurate and sharper greens and reds, they are able to deliver vivid and accurate colour even beyond what the human eye can detect.

Additionally, before leaving the production facility, each HUAWEI MateView SE will be calibrated, to ensure a colour accuracy of ∆ E < 2, which ensures the most authentic colours at a professional level.

The HUAWEI MateView SE’s 23.8–inch IPS display, coupled with P3 wide colour gamut, not only caters for the needs of office workers and students, but also offers professional colour performance for creators such as graphics designers and video editors. It also comes with a three–sided narrow bezel design which offers a high screen–to–body ratio of 92%, for a truly immersive experience.

The unique eBook Mode with multiple eye–comfort certifications

HUAWEI MateView SE continues to explore new possibilities to ensure the eye is comfortable and is the first in Huawei’s monitor series to introduce eBook Mode. It moderately reduces the colour temperature, making the screen more visible for a paper–like reading effect. This can reduce the negative effects of colours on users’ eyes during reading to create a more focused and immersive reading environment. It also relieves other eye discomforts associated with prolonged screen time. 

With the eBook Mode turned on, users can enjoy a more comfortable viewing experience, especially those who read or edit texts for long hours.

The screen of HUAWEI MateView SE has passed TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light and Flicker Free Certification. By effectively reducing harmful blue light emissions as well as eye discomfort caused by flickering, the monitor provides comprehensive eye protection.

Thanks to the outstanding performance of P3 wide colour gamut and eBook Mode, HUAWEI MateView SE is also the world’s first monitor to successfully obtain the SGS Low Visual Fatigue Certification issued by the China National Institute of Standardisation and the SGS  organisation.

In addition, HUAWEI MateView SE supports a refresh rate of 75Hz. Compared with 60Hz from comparable monitors on the market, it offers a smoother display effect. Meanwhile, HUAWEI MateView SE is also equipped with AMD FreeSync™ technology. This utilises an adaptive synchronisation technology to eliminate screen freezing with high dynamic contents, blurred screen and screen–tearing for a fluid gameplay experience.

A minimalist design with ingenious craftsmanship

As the latest addition to the HUAWEI MateView Series, HUAWEI MateView SE also inherits the series’ minimalist design, marking a new aesthetic era for monitors.

The sides of the HUAWEI MateView SE look thinner and lighter while the curved surface at the back gives an appearance of fullness. In addition, the FullView display design and high screen–to–body ratio delivers a more immersive experience and wider field of view.

The bracket of the HUAWEI MateView SE also supports multiple adjustments. The adjustable bracket version supports 0 to 90 degrees vertical rotation, height adjustment, tilt angle adjustment and VESA wall mounting. Vertical rotation allows users to freely adjust the screen’s orientation, especially when carrying out office tasks such as reading and coding – a vertical orientation can display more rows of content to greatly improve work efficiency.

The 0mm to 110mm height adjustment and tilt angle of –5 to 18 degrees allows users to adjust the monitor to the most suitable viewing angle, minimising pressure to users’ eyes and spine. Additionally, it also incorporates VESA wall mount holes with an individual bracket for wall mounting or to connect to multiple monitors to enhance the user experience.

Five–way joystick with enriched port design

The buttons of traditional monitors are often placed below or at the back of the monitor, making it hard to control and tricky to press the correct one without seeing the physical button. To address this user pain point, HUAWEI MateView SE uses a five–way joystick button with a carefully designed OSD menu, allowing users to adjust parameters quickly and easily. 

Moreover, HUAWEI MateView SE features a direct plug–in port design, supporting the most common DisplayPort and HDMI ports, enhancing its image transmission ability. Thanks to its direct plug–in design, users can simply plug in to connect or unplug to switch to other devices to greatly optimise operation efficiency.

Huawei is known for establishing strict standards for quality control of its products. From materials to manufacturing processes, from feature stability to safety and customer services, every HUAWEI MateView SE is designed to showcase Huawei’s engineering ingenuity. Each display will be calibrated and polished, ensuring a premium, reliable and easy to use monitor experience. 

Pricing and Availability

The new HUAWEI MateView SE standard version is available at €169 and will go on sale on 1st of Oct. Visit Huawei Ireland’s website for all the details.