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Irish Finance and FDI salaries set to increase in 2019 as Brexit takes shape

by Aiken PR



C–level Finance and FDI salaries are set to increase significantly in 2019 as Brexit’s impact is felt across Ireland, according to a new Salary Guide from executive recruitment firm Ardlinn.

Significant business investment, with companies relocating to Ireland (due to Brexit developments) is helping to drive a growing demand for senior executive roles in FDI and the Financial Services sector, which will see top level salaries surge by 20%.

These sectoral salary increases can be attributed to a number of external factors including Chinese FDI investment up 218% in 2018, alongside Dublin’s ranking as the number one city in the world for tech FDI.

Similarly, rises in top C level salaries in areas such as Finance will continue to grow in 2019 due to sectoral growth which now sees a €2.1 billion contribution to the exchequer with Irish–administered funds now exceeding €4 trillion.

Further roles at C level such as HR Directors will also see salary increases (10%) as businesses move to meet the needs of a fluid job market for 2019, thus reflecting the need to address skills shortages and fill executive posts.

The majority of other top C level salaries (when compared to 2018) will remain as they were with some seeing a slight decrease at the upper level, reflecting the GDP outlook for the Irish economy which is set to maintain robust growth, albeit at a slightly lower rate of 4.1% when compared to 5.9% in 2018. 

Ardlinn Founder and Director Áine Brolly spoke about the findings:

“With international investment and asset managers setting up offices in Ireland on the back of Brexit, 2019 will see an increase in the need for senior executive appointments to manage workloads and capitalise on business opportunities. We predict that 2019 will be a year of expansion for Ireland’s FDI and finance sectors as demand grows for skills in these areas.

We know Brexit will be hugely challenging from an Irish economic perspective, however, we are seeing certain sectors benefit from the uncertainty in the UK, with our stability and unfettered access to EU and global markets proving to be popular with international investors.”

Further findings show that C level salaries in Dublin, when compared with other regions in Ireland command, on average, a 12% higher rate. Meanwhile upper C level salaries in Dublin continue to dwarf their equivalents in Northern Ireland with variance ranging from 30% to 80%.

Áine added:

“Looking ahead into 2019 we should be moving forward positively with our economy strong both domestically and internationally. Our financial services sector is set to grow by a further 15% in 2019, whilst there’s good news for regions such as Limerick, Kilkenny, Galway and Cork with them all continuing to represent attractive investment locations for the year ahead, with this underlined by recent sources showing 60% of FDI companies are now based outside of Dublin.”



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