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World Milk Day 2022 – Make Sure It’s in the Shopping Trolley

by Aiken PR



On World Milk Day the Dairy Council for Northern Ireland has urged consumers to recognise the value of including local milk in their shop as it provides both nutritional value and remains value for money despite rising costs.

“With the cost of living already hitting hard and stark warnings coming from the Bank of England on further expected rises in inflation, consumers need to consider products that are nutritious and versatile and therefore represent good value,” said Dr Mike Johnston, Chief Executive of the Dairy Council. “Milk is both, providing strong justification for ensuring it remains high on the food shopping list.”

Long considered a staple in a balanced diet, consumers are generally well aware that milk provides essential nutrients such as calcium, vitamins B2, B5 and B12 and protein. However, Dairy Council nutritionist, Dr Carole Lowis says there is much more known now about the nutrition milk provides. “Many people will associate milk with calcium and make the link between that and strong healthy bones, with those of a certain vintage even recalling the iconic ‘Them Bones, Them Bones need calcium’ milk advertisement of two decades ago! However, milk’s role in a diet is to support more than our bones; its value, we have discovered through ongoing research, is much more than the sum of the eight essential nutrients it provides.”

Dr Lowis went on to explain, “we are learning how the various nutrients and components present in milk work together to produce an overall health effect. We call this the ‘milk matrix’ and we are understanding better all the time how the matrix of nutrients in milk contribute to the normal functioning of many processes in our bodies beyond bone development to support overall health.”

Getting the health benefits from milk is made easier by its versatility and convenience says Dr Lowis: “Milk is the ultimate convenience food, it doesn’t require any form of cooking to be enjoyed. A glass of milk is perfect on its own, but it is also extremely versatile and so incredibly simple to include in a balanced diet. From a cappuccino to cauliflower cheese and soup to smoothies, milk can easily be incorporated into all manner of drinks and dishes.

“This combination of nutritional value and versatility makes milk a hero in the shopping trolley and a smart choice for savvy shoppers who want to maximise value and convenience.”