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The Briefing

‘10% of Women are Leaving the Workplace due to Menopause Symptoms’

by Aiken PR



Women in Business (WIB) recently launched the HR Leader’s Forum with many HR professionals and business leaders coming together at an event in Custom House to discuss how companies can support colleagues transitioning through menopause whilst acknowledging that many leave the workforce due to symptoms.

WIB welcomed representatives from many of their corporate member and partner organisations including AFBI NI, Aflac, Fibrus, FinTrU, Allstate, PwC, Belfast Met and more. Guests were given the opportunity to ask important questions and gather insights and inspiration from best practice examples. The forum also offered the opportunity for attendees to network and connect with like–minded business leaders on how they can continue to build an empowering work environment to benefit everyone.

Sponsored by market leading recruitment specialists VANRATH, the forum included a Q&A session with Jenny Moore, Employment Lawyer at Danske Bank, led by Denise Black, Director of Centre of Learning at The WIB Group. Jenny shared how Danske have supported colleagues transitioning through menopause, whilst appreciating not everyone experiences the same symptoms. Some of their new policies included an extra 10 days leave for colleagues experiencing symptoms, quiet reset spaces for a time out, free sanitary products, and desk fans. Danske Bank has also introduced a detailed Guiding Principles to educate all staff on the menopause so that women feel confident about raising issues related to their own personal experience.

Speaking after the event, Christine White, Head of Corporate at WIB and Chair of the HR Leader’s Forum, said: “The main focus point of our HR Leader’s Forum is to create an opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing and gathering fresh insights into how we can build a workplace that is comfortable for everyone. This forum was particularly important given the recent publication of The Fawcett Society’s research which reported that approximately 10% of those experiencing menopause have left the workplace due to symptoms such as hot flushes, dizziness, insomnia, and muscle and joint stiffness, with that figure rising to 25% for those with severe symptoms. It should not be something that our colleagues should be left to face alone without support, and we learned some really invaluable lessons at the forum.”

The HR Leader’s Forum facilitates three breakfast events annually at Custom House for Women in Business partner organisations and corporate members. The next HR Leader’s Forum will be held back at Custom House on the morning of Thursday 19th October where FinTrU will be sharing their journey with progressive policies to support women and working families such as pregnancy loss, fertility leave and neonatal leave policies. This event will be open to WIB corporate members and partners.