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Newry’s local economy has received a welcome boost as the newly refurbished McDonald’s restaurant reopens with a major digital makeover.

1Newry’s local economy has received a welcome boost as the newly refurbished McDonald’s restaurant reopens with a major digital makeover. Following significant investment from franchisee John McCollum, the restaurant has created new jobs and now employs 150 staff, double the figure from this time last year. The restaurant will be operational 24/7, and with the addition of a new dual lane drive thru, and innovations led by improving the customer experience, these major digital changes will benefit everyone.


To improve the speed and ease of ordering, customers will now have the option to use one of six self–order kiosks. These allow customers to browse the menu, look at nutritional information and personalise their meals, thus offering more time to consider their food and drink choices. These changes have been designed with customer needs in mind, and the customer care team ensure the process is as quick and easy as possible.  Furthermore, the Newry restaurant will apply the McDonald’s ‘made for you’ approach, which guarantees delivery to the customer of fresher, hotter and tastier meals, thus combining quality with digital innovation.


John McCollum who owns and operates six restaurants and has been a franchisee in Northern Ireland for 24 years took over the Newry restaurant 16 months ago. Commenting on the reopening he said, “The newly refurbished Newry restaurant is an exciting customer offering and we are delighted to be immersing ourselves in the local community. The new dual lane drive thru which will operate 24/7, enables two orders to be taken at the same time – meaning an even quicker service for customers. In the kitchens, new lay–outs and increased technology ensures McDonald’s iconic products will be made to order for customers, with every burger and wrap being freshly prepared.


“The Signature Collection is also an exciting new addition to our menu – the three Signature burgers have the thickest McDonald’s patty of any McDonald’s burger in the world, and are made with 100% British and Irish beef. All of these changes are designed to make our customers’ experience as positive as possible and we are very much looking forward to welcoming customers to the new restaurant.”


Table service has also been introduced to the restaurant, which aims to take the stress out of finding somewhere to sit when carrying food, potentially with children, bags and buggies. Customer feedback has so far been positive; families enjoy ease of not having to leave children unattended while queuing, and people feel it means they have more time to chat with friends and family. 


As McDonald’s constantly strives to bring more innovation to customers; the future could see even more exciting features introduced if current trials prove successful. McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Belfast in 1991 and employees over 2,300 people locally.